The Government Institute of Printing Technology, Secunderabad was established in 1977 as the only State-wide institution to cater to the needs of the then printing industry. Earlier, the students had to go all the way to Madras and other cities to pursue diploma in printing technology. It started with Letterpress and Lithography as two main branches and the same nomenclature is still continuing in tune with the established rules of the Government. Each branch had an intake of 30 students in addition a few employees of the Govt. presses were also accommodated to pursue the course. Each and every student since then and even till date could be easily absorbed by the industry with no joblessness in the field of printing technology.


    GIPT, Secunderabad was the only Institute in the entire State which started sandwich diploma course in printing technology with two spells of industrial training for six months each. This enabled the students to gain hands-on experience  in an earn-and-learn manner and could be straight away absorbed by the industry both in the Government, Public sector and Private sector.


    In 1990s, the curriculum was abridged to three year course and updated. Pre Press, Press Work and Print Finishing were the three branches created to cope with the needs of the industry then. 20 seats were offered in each group.


    GIPT, Secunderabad boasts of its students employed in good positions not only all over the State but also in th entire country and even abroad. It has at least o pura dozen graduates from USA having pursued the four year Bachelor\\\\\\\'s course at Govt. of India\\\\\\\'s expense in the form of overseas scholarships offered by the Human Resources Department. There are equal number of post graduates who pursued their Master\\\\\\\'s course in USA and a few of them having achieved Ph. D.s.


    The curriculum was continuously modified from C-00 to C05 and now C-09 covering and catching up with emerging areas in the rapidly changing scenario of


printing industry. The curriculum of C-05 and C-09 have been modified    in such a manner that a diploma holder in printing technology could climb the academic ladder of doing Bachelor\\\\\\\'s degree not only in Printing Technology but also other courses like IT, Computer Science, Mechanical and Production Engineering through lateral entry.


    Since 2009, the intake of the students was doubled and GIPT now admits 120 students every year, there by responding to the ever growing demand for printing personnel.


    GIPT, Secunderabad is now 35 years old having rolled out at least 1800 hundred diploma holders who constitute the Alumni.